Business Shaped Solutions

Meet your business outcomes by partnering with us through the services we offer

1:1 Executive Coaching & Leadership Development

Team and Group Leadership

1:1 enneagram coaching

Employee Resource Groups

Supporting leaders to

  • expand their leadership capabilities,
  • manage inclusive workforces and
  • navigate the complexities of the fast-changing marketplace.

Supporting teams and leadership to:

  • embark on a Team coaching journey to catapult your to teams to higher levels of performance and enhance team cohesion.
  • motivate their teams to produce outstanding results
  • increase team morale
  • help team members to get to Know each other better and see different perspectives and working on their interactions can have strong teambuilding effect.
  • build a healthy working environment
  • increase the qualtity of workplace experience

Using the enneagram as a tool

  • for self-leadership
  • to enhance emotional intelligence
  • for goal setting and life growth

Use our ERG solution to:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Improve business innovation
  • Contribute to achieving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion goals
  • Foster the feeling of belonging.