Alistair B. Maigurira

Brand Development

Zimbabwean-born Alistair B. moved to South Africa in 2005 for university studies. He left UCT with a B.Com Accounting degree and worked in the corporate world in various capacities. He comes in with a strong financial focus through understanding the impact of team harmony on a business’ bottom line. In his career transition from growing profits to growing people he has upskilled as a coach with a base in neuroscience through the Neuroleadership Institute.

Alistair B.’s true passion is in conflict resolution and therefore gave birth to SALTAR to facilitate the dialogue around race in South Africa and beyond. The objective is to bring South Africans together to learn about each other’s races and cultures through meaningful dialogue.

Alistair B. brings an impartial eye to the mediation table when it comes to discussing race relations in South Africa. He has founded the SALTAR consultancy that comprises a team of organisational development specialists that use their expertise from various backgrounds to design tailor-made diversity and inclusion strategies for the workplace.

In 2019, he filmed the first episode of the upcoming YouTube talk show – SALTAR. This is a passion project he intends to grow and become the Oprah of Race Relations. Contact us for a private viewing of the episode –